Wilmington Rubber & Gasket is proud to offer the very best in material fabrication. We run two FLOW® Waterjets side by side. We cut rubber, plastics, gaskets, and other soft materials with pure-water, and we cut virtually any material on Earth with abrasive. These machines give our customers the advantage when it comes to fluid sealing and custom fabrication.

Cutting material with ultra-high pressure water is an involved process that starts with the same water which comes from our faucet. We soften and purify the water before it even reaches the pump. The FLOW® intensifier shifts back and forth to intake the water which is again filtered by a 1 micron and a .45 micron filter. As the intensifier shifts, it converts 3000 PSI of hydraulic pressure to 60,000 PSI water pressure. That water moves through high pressure tubing to the cutting head. The cutting head contains a valve that shuts the flow off or on to allow the water to be forced thru a jewel orifice to the material. Waterjet cutting isn't actually cutting; it's technically eroding. The result is an extremely effective process acclaimed for speed, accuracy, and cost effectiveness. We invite you to experience the benefits of this remarkable system.

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Live Waterjet Gallery

Regularly updated images of Wilmington Rubber & Gasket waterjet cut parts